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Hello, I'm Erica.

I'm a curious and experimental software developer.

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Short Introduction

I'm a software developer with a passion for learning and spinning up creative solutions. I aim to create elegant and scalable systems that serve users effectively. While I enjoy working on both front and back-end portions of an app, most of my efforts have been focused on the front-end. I truly enjoy a interesting problem to solve.

In addition to development work, I also do photography and graphic design. I enjoy getting my hands into everything. If I'm creating something new, I am happy!

When I log off for the day, you can find me riding my bike, cooking up new recipes, or renovating another part of my house.

My Development Backpack



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Next Up



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Final project in Grand Circus. A reward based todo app with a digital pet you must keep happy. (AngularJS, PostgreSQL, Node.js, and Express)

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double exposure app screenshot

Double Exposure

A photo editing app experimenting with CSS blend modes and animation libraries. (React, React Spring)

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recipe finder screenshot

Recipe Finder

An recipe finder application using Edamam api. (React, Styled Components)

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